The pandemic has truly turned our personal and work life upside down. It has changed the way we work and interact with others, how we shop, how we travel and many other things.

Now that the pandemic has almost subsided, with WHO suggesting that it can be downgraded from Pandemic to Endemic, the question now for companies is what next?

One of the challenges for companies are the team cohesiveness. After all, many companies have adopted either hybrid work situations or work from home, so many of the colleagues’ interactions are limited to online meeting. Not to mention, some of the new team members are recruited during pandemic, which means that their introduction to the team is quite limited.

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Unlike the finite-nature of material items with diminishing returns, innovative and disruptive ideas are an inexhaustible resource and offer infinite returns. The more disruptive ideas you have, the more you can innovate, generate, and grow in the long-term. When it comes to disruptive leadership, the challenge is not the scarcity of ideas but the lack of innovative mechanisms to enable the mixing of existing ideas. This is where cooking events tailored specifically for corporate HR comes in handy.

Why Cooking for the Development of Disruptive Leadership?

Disruptive leadership has numerous similarities to cooking. Just like cooking new recipes, disruptive leadership is all about creating new and better solutions and processes using the same ingredients. From team productivity to human development, to cohesion, to resource and talent management, the most crucial ideas needed to spark innovative and disruptive thinking already exists in well-established organizations. The only thing that is missing is a perfect environment to combine all the ideas from different members of the team. Cooking events tailored for corporate HR offer the fertile and conducive environment needed to mix existing ‘ingredients’ in your organization to create new and better ‘recipes’ that contribute to long-term growth.

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