At Almond Zucchini, we believe the love for cooking can start from early age. Cooking is the perfect outlet for children to learn since it helps young children learn and practice many academic subjects such as math concepts and builds language skills in a fun environment.

The experience of creating their own meals can help build their self-confidence and lay the foundation for healthy eating habits.

Our experiences in team building exercises will benefit the children as we show them how to collaborate, share and excel as a team. They will discover the joy of accomplishing task together with their friends.

Our children programs are available in three different learning modules,
each with its own unique benefits and menu:

Five Senses

This interactive program introduces young student to different kind of food group and healthy eating habit through a series of fun games and cooking exercises. It challenges children to use all of their five senses to explore new taste and smell of fresh cooking ingredients. They will also learn how to prepare simple healthy meal in our fully equipped state of the art cooking studio. FIVE SENSES is the ideal hands-on program to engage the young mind and build the foundation to healthy eating habit.

Off the Pages

Once upon a time, children everywhere read storybook and let their imagination soar with every word read. Now we bring their favourite stories OFF THE PAGES and into life. We nurture children’s imagination by creating a creative outlet for them to interpret their stories. It’s a magical journey that starts from words written in storybook to hands-on cooking adventures in Almond Zucchini cooking studio. A not to be missed event, witness our young readers be the hero of their story.

Chocolate Sparkle

A complete package starting from an exclusive tour to chocolate factory Pipiltin to witness the process of chocolate creation from bean to bar; and later bring that prized chocolate bar into Almond Zucchini kitchen where we’ll show them how to weave their own little magic by incorporating chocolate into cooking process.

Join us in this scrumptious program that is sure to bring smile on kids’ faces as they explore the world of chocolate.