Corporate Team Building

The foundation of which Almond Zucchini was built upon, this is the program for the corporate seeking out an effective team building exercises in a stress free environment. A highly satisfying and unique training experiences using fun cooking activity as the medium of instruction.

Our Program

Our People Development Program offers innovative combination between team building and cooking activities. In this program, participants will be placed into unfamiliar environment, divided into teams and asked to compete. The only way they can win is to work their best, together with their team members, to complete the recipes provided in the allotted time.

The program will be followed with fun dining experience, a debrief to analyze teams’s performance and winner announcement. This unique approach is very efficient in getting team member to get closer to each other, creating a lasting impact.

Why Cooking?

In cooking, teams will be immersed in various activities similar to workplace, such as planning, execution, division of tasks and pressure handling.

An article at Harvard Business Review (Dec 2015 issue) reported that a group of researchers from Cornell University found that firefighters who prepare meals and eat together during their shift have better cooperative behaviors and higher efficiency in doing their job.

Many people find cooking together build the best camaraderie and get people to open up. It brings everyone together to create something, and encourages collaboration.

Class Size

In order to achieve the maximum impact of the activities, the number of participants should be between 12 – 36 pax. For more participants, we can tailor the activities to suit the client’s need.